Hydrogen Generator HB-H05 H2 Molecular Water-400ml


  • Model number: HB-H05
  • Function: Make hydrogen rich water for drinking
  • Power: AC 100-240 V USB 5V/2.0A Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Volume: 400ml (can order 200ml and 300ml)
  • Applicable water: RO water, mineral water, bottled water, purified water etc.
  • Materials: Glass, plastic, titanium, platinum etc.
  • Colors: White
  • Certificates: CE FDA EU RoHS etc.
  • OEM: Available


  • NEW TECH Molecular Hydrogen Generator Produces BEST ANTIOXIDANT: Molecular hydrogen is a novel antioxidant to efficiently reduce oxidative stress and improvement of mitochondrial diseases.Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle 02
  • Hydrogen Rich Water Prevents BAD CHOLESTEROL: Hydrogen water prevents bad cholesterol which plague arteries and slows down the aging process.
  • METABOLISM REVOLUTION: hydrogen water ionizer improves metabolism and nutrient absorption.
  • PEM HYDROGEN WATER BOTTLE PURE HYDROGEN IS ADDED – OXYGEN, OZONE AND CHLORINE IS REMOVED: adds hydrogen which is better for health, and removes oxygen, ozone and chlorine, which can be harmful.




Hydrogen Generator Watermaker 03 Hydrogen Generator Watermaker 04


The manufacturer states that during this time you will reach an ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of – 350mV to – 650mV and a molecular hydrogen concentration of 0.8 to 1.6 ppm.

SPE/PEM working principle:

SPE:  Solid polymer electrolysis

PEM:  Proton exchange membrane

1. Water at the anode provides source of H+ ions.

2. PEM permits migration of H+ ions from anode to cathode.

3. At cathode, H+ ions combine with electrons from the power supply (reduction reaction) to

form H atoms which pair-up to form H2 gas.

4. Oxygen gas produced at the anode (through oxidation of hydroxide) must be vented,

chlorine gas may be produced, depending on source water chloride levels.

5.  PEM contains an electrolyte (SPE, solid polymer electrolyte, an electrical conductor), and

therefore electrolysis is not dependent on source water minerals.

6. Lower electrical resistance between anode & cathode results in less voltage drop and more

efficient electrolytic production of H2.

Chemical reaction formula :

Anode Reaction:  2H2O → O2 + 4H + + 4e-
Cathode Reaction:  4H + + 4e- → 2H2


1.  Distilled water, purified water, Reverse Osmosis water are all acceptable.

2.  Produces pure hydrogen water without ozone,chlorine and harmful  oxides.

3.  High H2 concentration  and  ORP.

H2:  1.2 to 2.5ppm

ORP: -350 to -700mv

4.  Separates hydrogen and oxygen.

5.  Long electrolysis plate life.

6.  Capacity of 350 ml, applicable for commercial water bottles.

7.  Suitable for individual use,convenient for travelers.

8.  lithium ion battery with USB cable charger.


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