Payment Guide

Payment Methods

We do not accept credit cards or debit cards or PayPal because of simple fact that online sales of pharmaceutical and herbal products which we also sell are banned on these cards as well as PayPal.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer to our Thai bank account

Western Union

Payment via Western Union (from certain countries possibility of payment with credit card)


If you want to pay via PayPal please contact us on email:

Other Remittance Services

You can use any remittance service or company that you prefer if you can remit your funds to Thailand. We do not limit the remittance service to Western Union. This is one of the most used services, which we know is working well. In such case, you can choose Western Union as payment method while creating your order and if the payment details will not be sufficient for you, please contact us for additional details by email.



We ship Worldwide by standard or economy shipping within 2 working days after receiving complete payment. Estimated delivery time is about 2-3 weeks after the date we ship your order.